The following documents can provide you helpful information in regards to your protected healthcare information. If you have additional questions or concerns related to the privacy of your records, please contact us privacyofficer@southsoundradiology.com

Our policies address the following topics:

  • How our staff and physicians adhere to the policies
  • How we may use and disclose information about you
  • Your rights regarding your healthcare information
  • Filing complaints about your healthcare privacy
  • Our identity theft protection (Red Flag) policy

Policy Documents

Image Archive Policy

Your study will be digitally archived. SSR no longer stores Ultrasound, CT or MRI films. Your referring clinician will automatically receive a report of your study; however, if required, you will be provided with one imaging copy of the study free of charge for your personal medical records. Many referring offices require images of your studies in order to facilitate your diagnosis and treatment. Once you have completed your assessment with your clinician, you should receive these images for your personal records.