Digital Mammography

A mammography exam, called a mammogram, is used to aid in the early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases in women. Mammograms make it possible to detect tumors that cannot yet be felt, and also microcalcifications (tiny calcium deposits) that can sometimes indicate the presence of cancer.

Digital Screening Mammography with computer aided detection (CAD) is a specific type of imaging that uses a low-dose x-ray system to examine breasts and detect abnormal changes in breast tissue. The advanced technology of CAD has the ability to detect breast cancer in the early stages.

This type of routine mammogram is for women who have no signs or symptoms of an abnormality.

Do not wear deodorant, powder or cream on your breasts or underarms the day of your exam as these may interfere with the quality of your mammogram. If possible, it is preferable to wear a two-piece outfit.

If you have sensitive breasts, scheduling your mammogram between the 7th and 10th day following the onset of your most recent menstrual period may be beneficial, as this is the time your breasts will be least tender.

Inform your doctor and technologist of any new problems with your breasts, prior surgeries, hormone use, and family or personal history of breast cancer.

Inform your doctor and technologist if there is any possibility that you are pregnant.

For your convenience, please print and fill out the forms below and bring them with you to your appointment. Or you may complete them when you arrive.

Patient Registration Form
Breast Implant Consent Form